Headlines — 3/13/18

Far-right activists Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner are barred from entering the UK, Alex Jones gets slapped with a defamation suit, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upholds Texas’ sanctuary city ban, and more.

Vice – The obscure Neo-Nazi forum linked to a wave of terror.
Right Wing Watch – Far-right erupts as ‘alt-lite’ activists prevented from entering UK.
Cosmopolitan – Gina Haspel breaking a glass ceiling is, unequivocally, not a win for women.
The Huffington Post – Alex Jones is finally getting the defamation lawsuit he deserves.
Media Matters – NRATV correspondent launches misogynistic attack against gun safety leader.
Think Progress – ICE spokesperson resigns after refusing to perpetuate Trump administration’s fake news.
Jacobin – Ultraconservative pastor Robert Jeffress preaches white supremacy, misogyny, and homophobia. No wonder Trump loves him.
Africa is a Country – When Rex Tillerson toured some of Africa’s ‘shithole’ countries.
Raw Story – Delaware man with Neo-Nazi tattoos sets off bomb at estranged wife’s home while out on bond for threatening her.
Dallas Morning News – Federal appeals court says Texas ‘sanctuary cities’ law can stand for now.
The Root – Congolese mother and daughter seeking refuge were torn apart at the U.S. border, and no one can explain why.
MLive – Man charged in suspected clash of white nationalists and anti-fascists appears in court.