Headlines — 3/10/18

Paul Nehlen hires anti-Semite Kevin MacDonald as his campaign spokesman, alt-right women rush to defend Dayanna Volitich, white nationalist attorney Kyle Bristow quits the movement, and more.

Talking Points Memo – Paul Ryan’s primary challenger hires widely recognized anti-Semite as spox.
Right Wing Watch – Alt-right women rush to defend teacher exposed as white nationalist.
Media Matters – Far-right activists are teaming up with white supremacists to exploit South African politics.
The Japan Times – White supremacists and Japan: A love story.
Salon – Ann Coulter is getting anti-Semites all excited once again.
Unicorn Riot – ‘We’re Americans, and we’re fascists’: Inside Patriot Front.
Think Progress – The ‘sword and shield’ of white supremacists buckles under pressure.
Vox – Ben Carson is pulling HUD away from its key mission.
The Root – Betty Shelby, the then-Tulsa, Okla. cop who killed Terence Crutcher, is back patrolling the streets as a full-time sheriff’s deputy.
Motherboard – YouTube is full of easy-to-find Neo-Nazi propaganda.
Greek Reporter – Greek police seize knives, explosives, Nazi flags after Combat 18 raids.
The Huffington Post – Italy’s election is a blow to European unity and a boost for the far-right.
MinnPost – How George Soros became an all-knowing, all-powerful global villain.
The Nation – It’s time to abolish ICE.