Headlines — 3/01/18

CPAC was swarming with white nationalists, far-right users are being ejected from YouTube, Roger Stone’s messages with WikiLeaks have been revealed, and more.

Media Matters – Alex Jones defends himself from anti-Semitism charges by talking about the size of his wife’s nose.
The Huffington Post – There sure were a bunch of white nationalists at CPAC, huh?
Think Progress – Conservative writer selectively edits Chuck Schumer to accuse him of racism.
Right Wing Watch – The war for YouTube escalates as platform suspends far-right users.
The Atlantic – Roger Stone’s secret messages with WikiLeaks.
The Intercept – Gun control has always been racist — that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support the Parkland students’ movement.
BuzzFeed News – These powerful photos capture life for black Americans during the 20th century.
Bloomberg Politics – Why land seizure is back in the news in South Africa.
The Nation – Republicans have an ingenious plan to stop losing special elections.
Slate – Oakland mayor faces off against ICE over warning residents about immigration sweep.
Mother Jones – No, mass shooters do not target ‘gun free zones.’