Michael Savage Plugs His New ‘Paranoid, Nightmarish Fantasy’ Novella On ‘The Alex Jones Show’

On a recent episode of The Alex Jones Show, white genocide-spouting shock jock Michael Savage announced his latest book, Xenon. He said that this book is a “science-fiction fantasy” — unlike his totally serious books The Enemy Within (2001) and Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder (2005).

Here’s how Savage described the plot of Xenon:

It’s a futuristic nightmarish, anti-utopian new world run by militant FA-T-ASSES who castrate males, assign them life mates who are transsexual, keeping the best young girls  for themselves. … The odd part of my little novella here, my little science-fiction Xenon warning about the world we’re entering, is that the FA-T-ASSES who run the world secretly use the rare gases to get high on: xenon, argon, freon — you know, the 7 or 8 rare gases, whatever the number is — which are saved only for the leaders of the state, the new FA-T-ASSES state.

Setting aside Michael Savage’s typically cartoonish misogyny and transphobia, evidently he also never paid attention during his high school chemistry classes. There are 6 “noble gases”: helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, and radon. Freon is a cooling agent used in air conditioners.

“Along the lines of Brave New World, one guy who stands up to this — and one woman — and they try to save the world from this nightmarish SSF, the women for the State Security Forces, and the Women In Charge, the WIC, the unclipped natural women of the State Security Forces to assist the Women In Charge, WIC,” he explained.

If that sounds ridiculous, well, it is. And Michael Savage seems to know this on some level. As he told Alex Jones, when he first wrote this in the ’80s, it started as a “paranoid, nightmarish fantasy” which he set aside because, he concluded, “the world’s not ready for this.”

“Exactly, because this does sound sick and mentally ill but you were actually portending, looking at the tea leaves and the way the roads were going, over the hill you guessed what was there,” Jones exclaimed, “because if you look at this Hollywood, Gamergate, they say ‘Only show women in charge, only show women as the warriors.'”

He added that “it’s the same thing in the new movie with the fictional African kingdom and Black Panther, I mean they are hammering this.”

And Savage blamed this on — who else? — the Jews. “And of course this is the result of Hollywood — Katzenberg, Hatzenberg, Matzenberg, and Ratzenberg — who run Hollywood,” he claimed. “Now add Spielberg, those who run Hollywood. Why are they so crazy? Why do they hate the white male so much?”