Headlines — 2/27/18

White nationalism was on display at CPAC, the Supreme Court rules against immigrants seeking bond hearings, Alex Jones is begging a Parkland shooting survivor to debate him, and more.

Right Wing Watch – Trump’s CPAC: White nationalists, social media persecution & the war on ‘fake news’ at the Gaylord Hotel.
Media Matters – A top NRATV commentator keeps promoting the work of a racist YouTube conspiracy theorist.
Think Progress – Immigrants just got terrible news from the Supreme Court.
BuzzFeed News – A top Trump administration civil rights official says Peter Thiel backed her for the job.
The Daily Progress – David Duke asks to block subpoena over rally.
The Huffington Post – DCCC advised candidates not to discuss gun control policy right after Vegas shooting.
The Outline – The alt-right is recruiting depressed people.
ABC News – White nationalist’s college tour mired in litigation.
The Daily Beast – Alex Jones begs shooting survivor David Hogg to debate him.
Slate – The history of ‘assimilation’ as a racist code word.