Headlines — Domestic Terror Edition

Members of the Atomwaffen Division celebrate after one of their members murders a college student, the SPLC officially lists male supremacy groups as hate groups, businesses begin severing ties with the NRA, and more.

Media Matters – Leaked Discord footage shows how far-right trolls game YouTube’s algorithms.
The New Yorker – The NRA lobbyist behind Florida’s pro-gun policies.
Elle – Male supremacy groups are officially considered hate groups.
them. – Billy Graham made queer lives hell on Earth.
Motherboard – Where the ‘crisis actor’ conspiracy theory comes from.
Right Wing Watch – Far-right Constitution Party makes its CPAC debut.
Think Progress – Trump praises conspiracy theorist who claimed gun massacre involved crisis actors.
The Atlantic – Dana Loesch and the NRA’s maternity theater.
ProPublica – Inside Atomwaffen as it celebrates a member for allegedly killing a gay Jewish college student.
NYMag – Businesses cut NRA ties as pressure campaign mounts.
The Huffington Post – Apple, Amazon, YouTube urged to pull NRA TV channel.
The Outline – Twitter can actually ban Nazis.
Rewire – To understand U.S. police impunity better, I went to South Africa.
The Conversation – The NRA’s journey from marksmanship to political brinkmanship.
Salon – Missouri state GOP blames George Soros for Gov. Eric Greitens’ revenge porn debacle.