Jared Howe: ‘Ethnomasochism’ Is A Form Of ‘Mental Illness’

Aside from Jews, multiculturalism, and feminism, one of the alt-right’s biggest obsessions is the declining white birthrate. They care so much about remaining a racial majority in the U.S. and Europe that they constantly encourage white people to have more children, and share memes bearing slogans like “White families are a beautiful thing,” and “White self-hatred is sick.”

To them, the natural decline in white birthrates is actually being orchestrated by the Jews — somehow — which they call “white genocide.” Which explains why they constantly rail against any depiction of interracial adoption and “miscegenation” in commercials and movies.

In a recent Google Hangout, Jared Howe and the pseudonymous Orwell Goode lamented the West’s “low birth rates,” and accused white people who don’t care about the continuation of their race of being mentally ill.

Orwell, who always uses the same picture of the Doge meme (a Shiba Inu wearing sunglasses) as his avatar, has one of the most popular alt-right accounts on Twitter, with 57.4 thousand followers. His Twitter bio claims he’s the editor-at-large of New Media Central, and his tweets usually carry anti-immigrant messages:

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Orwell complained about “radical feminists” who are “taking the side of minority groups” because, he claimed, they see them as a “substitute for children.” Howe, an acolyte of violent white supremacist Christopher Cantwell, said he “like[s] how they get cats and dogs as surrogates for children.” Or, in this case, “pet migrants.”

“Yes…you saw those German women with all the ‘welcome refugee’ banners back in 2015, 2016,” Orwell replied. “And, well I mean, look what’s happened to them.” He cited a news story about a “feminist from Sweden” whose migrant boyfriend raped her child. The woman allegedly refused to report the crime to the police because she was afraid he would be deported.

Orwell, and other far-right figures like Peter Sweden, have used this case as a cautionary tale against political correctness run amok. (Sweden — real name Peter Imanuelsen — said the situation proved how “cucked” the Swedish people are.) The incident did happen, only with slightly different facts than the situation described by Orwell.

According to The Daily Mail, a 45-year-old Swedish woman who was not named was dating an 18-year-old Afghan migrant who molested the woman’s 12-year-old daughter. The crime committed was not rape, as Orwell said, but still sexual assault nonetheless. The article makes no mention of the woman’s feminist beliefs, and her fear of the man’s deportation was motivated by the fact that the two were in a relationship.

Unfortunately this is not a unique situation. There are undoubtedly countless cases of adults failing to protect children from sexual abuse — many times those adults are married to or dating the abuser. The lesson, therefore, is that adults must do more to protect children and report abusers, regardless of race or nationality.

“It’s fucking disgusting, dude,” said Howe.

“It makes me sick to think about it. Ethnomasochism is not a beautiful thing. It does not give you the moral high ground. If you don’t care more about the survival of your own gene set than the survival of others, you have something wrong with you. Like literally that’s a mental illness, there’s something wrong with your evolutionary drive, your cells are trying to kill themselves. After billions of years of evolution ends with you?

How added that he knows white people will “survive elsewhere,” but that it would be “nice” if they survived in Sweden, Germany, and the U.S. (Howe specifically mentioned Dearborn, MI, which has a sizable Muslim population.) “This isn’t going to stop, dude, there’s a reason why Christians and Muslims warred — they’re culturally dissimilar.”