Headlines — 2/17/18

Paul Nehlen’s spokesman is outed as a gay Jew, the Parkland shooter hated Jews and immigrants, Twitter users are spreading fake news about black-on-white violence at Black Panther showings, and more.

The Huffington Post – The anti-Semitic spokesman for white nationalist candidate Paul Nehlen grew up Jewish.
Wired – Labor Board rules Google’s firing of James Damore was legal.
Think Progress – Republicans leave immigrants’ lives hanging in the balance, say it’s time to move on.
Right Wing Watch – White nationalists are grooming a white supremacist college student who said he wanted to be ‘really violent.’
Media Matters – Chronicle of a white supremacist PR crisis and the making of a hoax.
BuzzFeed News – School shooter reportedly said in group chat he hated Jews, wanted to kill Mexicans.
Business Insider – Twitter users are being called out for posting fake claims of racially motivated assaults at ‘Black Panther’ showings.
KIRO Seattle – Self-proclaimed white nationalist banned from Seattle gym.
Truthout – The ‘alt-right’ has killed far more people than you’re likely aware of.
The Intercept – How ICE works to strip citizenship from naturalized Americans.
Little Green Footballs – Lawsuit filed against Chuck Johnson, Jim Hoft, Paul Nehlen, Gavin McInnes, and others for falsely linking Michigan men to Charlottesville attack.
Hatewatch – State of Virginia proposes domestic terrorism law.
Jacobin – Deportation is a longstanding tool of political repression in the U.S.