Headlines — 2/09/18

Alt-right activist Daniel Kleve’s presence at UNL is a threat to safety, several white supremacists are running for office in 2018, how racist troll Chuck Johnson found acceptance in Trump’s D.C., and more.

The Daily Nebraskan – Daniel Kleve controversy is one of safety, not free speech.
The Baffler – Meet Jordan Peterson, the latest con artist promoting traditional conservatism to men seeking spiritual nourishment.
The Guardian – California police worked with Neo-Nazis to pursue ‘anti-racist’ activists, documents show.
Jacobin – Italy’s new racist storm.
Media Matters – Sebastian Gorka was hired by a far-right media outlet, while he still works for Fox News.
Mother Jones – Trump supporters spread the majority of phony news on social media.
Think Progress – CNN interviews a literal Nazi who is Republican House candidate.
Jezebel – New Mexico newspaper apologizes for racist and grossly misleading political cartoon about Dreamers.
The Boston Globe – Spurned in Milton, a race-baiting troll has found acceptance — in Trump’s D.C.
The Huffington Post – All the white supremacists running for office in 2018.
Splinter – Cops across America are getting thank you plaques for helping crush the Standing Rock protests.
Reason – The pernicious myth of ‘chain migration.’