James Allsup Responds To Nick Fuentes’ Accusations By Calling Him A Liar

On Monday, Nick Fuentes broadcast a Periscope video in which he accused his former partner, James Allsup, of unprofessional behavior and promoting the doxing of his family. In response, Allsup released his own video, entitled “The Truth About America First Media,” and responded to Fuentes’ accusations.

After listing off all the work he did for America First Media, Allsup pointed out some of the insults Fuentes used against him on Twitter. “And then Nick continued, he wouldn’t let up,” Allsup said. “He retweeted more memes attacking me and then he began using a new nickname to describe me: ‘Downie,’ as in, you know, someone who has Down Syndrome.”

“I’ll just say this about personal appearance,” he added, “Nick, those in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing any stones.”

Allsup admitted that he banned Fuentes from the America First Discord server, but said this took place after Fuentes’ insulting Periscope video. He also noted that there would be legal issues regarding the dissolution of America First Media that would have to be recorded, and that Washington, where Allsup resides, has a two-party consent law.

This means he would have to get permission from everyone in the Discord server before recording them, otherwise he would open himself up to wiretapping charges. He said that although such charges might not be likely, he is still “dealing with someone who is out for blood.”

He then brought up what he called the “most disgusting and sick allegation” made by Fuentes, which was that Allsup either orchestrated his sister’s doxing or tacitly approved of it. “The truth is, as many people on /pol/ have pointed out and provided screenshots to show, her information has been around from her public Instagram page for months now,” he said.

He accused Fuentes of lying about doxing his sister and, addressing him directly, said:

Nick, buddy, I know you’re watching. You had pictures of your sister with her profile tagged on them on your public Instagram. You were tagged in pictures on her public Instagram. If you’re going to be a public figure, and you’re going to be concerned with OPSEC [operations security], put in the least modicum of effort possible to try to clamp down on that sort of thing.

The truth is, I was in that America First Discord server the whole time. I had nothing to do with any doxing. Anyone that came into the server and talked about doxing or encouraged doxing was immediately banned.

Nick, the notion that I would dox your sister, you know this to be false and disgusting. You know that I went through this with my family getting doxed after Charlottesville. And the notion that you would suggest that I would do this to you is incomprehensible.

Allsup went on to say that Fuentes thinks he can lie and get away with it because he’s established an online “cult of personality,” and that his fans will defend him no matter what. At the end of the video, he announced that his podcast, Nationalist Review, will continue with Spectre (of the alt-right podcast The Third Rail) taking Fuentes’ place.