Headlines — 1/03/18

“The Storm” is Pizzagate 2.0, Andrew Auernheimer’s mother reveals her son’s Jewish roots, North Carolina moves to curb “spontaneous” protests, and more.

Select All – The Storm is the new Pizzagate — only worse.
The Intercept – New Project Veritas dossier compiles photos of James O’Keefe’s known associates.
Right Wing Watch – ‘Baked Alaska’ reveals that Breitbart management urged him to cover up anti-Semitic statements.
Newsweek – Neo-Nazi who calls for ‘slaughter’ of Jewish children is of Jewish descent, his mom says.
Media Matters – Fox News report on Colorado gunman ignores his white supremacist connections.
Think Progress – ‘Spontaneous’ protests will only be legal with 48 hours’ notice under North Carolina proposal.
Jacobin – What’s behind Bitcoin mania?
Hatewatch – Congressional report highlights gaps in U.S. domestic terrorism policy.
The Root – Neo-Nazi mowed a swastika into a field 2 months before allegedly killing girlfriend’s parents.
Vox – Why Islamist extremists and the far right need each other.