The 2017 AWM Year In Review

Now that we’re transitioning from 2017 to 2018, it’s time for a retrospective of the past year.

In 2017 we saw the alt-right and alt-lite split even further apart. Richard Spencer was sucker-punched by an unknown antifa activist in a now viral video, and stepped down as head of the National Policy Institute.

Mike Enoch and other members of The Right Stuff were doxed. White nationalists broke with President Trump, marched on Charlottesville three separate times, and killed several people.

So to commemorate this largely awful and depressing year, here’s the official list of the top ten most viewed posts at Angry White Men. So — whether you’re antifa, a journalist, or one of my many alt-right trolls — enjoy!

  1. Sam Harris Whitewashes ‘The Bell Curve’ During Interview With Charles Murray
  2. Pool Party’s Closed: A Timeline Of The Right Stuff’s Meltdown
  3. Meet ‘Based Stickman,’ The Alt-Right’s LARP-y New Hero
  4. Memes To An End: Thots, ‘White Sharia,’ And The Misogynistic Heart Of White Nationalism
  5. Why I’m Finally Through With JonTron
  6. Meet Virginia Hale, Breitbart London’s Mouthpiece For White Nationalism
  7. Nazis Rally Around Man Accused Of Giving Journalist Kurt Eichenwald A Seizure
  8. Lana Lokteff And Guests Dispense Alt-Right Dating Tips
  9. Tara McCarthy Urges Young, White Women To Start Having Babies To Save The White Race
  10. White Nationalist Leaders Will Return To Charlottesville For ‘Unite The Right’ Rally