Neo-Nazis Celebrate Christmas With A Song About Running Over ‘Tr*nnies’ And ‘Dindus’

On the December 15, 2017 episode of The Daily Shoah, the “Death Panel” celebrated the holidays with a discussion on “race realism” and a new parody song praising the actions of accused murderer James Fields Jr.

Mike Peinovich was clearly annoyed at the skeptic community for trying to debunk claims of white superiority. “How ’bout let’s look at the fucking data,” he snapped. “You guys are the fucking skeptics, you want the data. Show me the data that says black people are smart!

Peinovich claimed that any such data “doesn’t exist,” and that “All data shows that they’re stupid!” Jesse Dunstan noted that they’re mainly skeptical about “race realism” and “these genetic factors” — although there’s certainly a segment of the skeptic community that’s more receptive.

“How ’bout being skeptical of race egalitarianism?” Peinovich asked. “Yeah, how ’bout being skeptical — that’s what I was getting at, the only thing they’re not skeptical of is modern sociology,” Dunstan added. “They’re not skeptical of these post-hoc bullshit arguments as to why blacks are the way they are. They’re not skeptical of that at all.”

Later in the episode the Daily Shoah crew took a break in order to listen to a new Christmas song by hate musician Paddy Tarleton. The song, sung to the tune of “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer,” depicts Santa Claus as a white supremacist who ditches his sleigh in favor a Dodge Challenger — the type of car owned by Fields — in order to murder protesters:

Santa’s upgraded to a Challenger
He’s cleanin’ up our streets this Christmas Eve
Hey, you might say there’s no such thing as free speech
But if you’re left-wing who cares what you believe?
Now, the Yuletide is upon us
And our country’s polarized
Even Santa’s sick of Commies
And this year St. Nick is gettin’ mobilized.
He departed from the North Pole
And made his way to Southern skies
Parked that sleigh in a police
Impoundment lot and got himself one killer ride
And oh how he rode in style
Plowing trannies in the street (Boom boom!)
Got a call from brother Cantwell
And did an interview while drivin’ with his feet
Blocking roads in downtown Richmond
Some dindus howled “We wuz kangz!”
He hit the gas and plowed right through ’em
And yelled “Don’t say I never brought you anything!”

Later in on, Tarleton sang about killing Yvette Felarca, a Berkeley middle school teacher who was arrested in September at a far-right “Patriot Prayer” march:

They found her screaming in a town square
Outside an anarchist bookstore
Santa yelled “Hey, Miss Felarca!”
Then rammed her ass into a pretty mound of gore

And he wrapped up with lyrics about Santa orchestrating the rape of Lauren Southern and Tara McCarthy by Charlottesville Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy:

But Santa was smart and gave directions
He guided the girls along the way
Landing on a roof in Virginia
He told the girls to hop on down the chimney
Lauren moaned “This seems fishy”
But down they slided anyway
Rolling out into the fireplace
In a living room and noticed something strange
Afrocentric propaganda
Black power fists sewn in the drapes
Then out came Vice-Mayor Bellamy
And said “If you girls moan you know that it ain’t rape”

All the panelists got a laugh out of the song. “Very nice,” Dunstan whispered into the mic. “Did we get a reference in that song?” Peinovich asked. “There was no reference to us.” One of the co-hosts said they “got cucked,” but Peinovich replied that he was “okay with that.”