Headlines — 12/18/17

Paul Nehlen has white nationalist street cred, how Murray Rothbard was the harbinger of the alt-right, the radical Right celebrates the end of net neutrality, and more.

The Baffler – On Murray Rothbard, philosophical harbinger of Trump and the alt-right.
The Huffington Post – A Republican running to replace Paul Ryan comes with white nationalist street cred.
Media Matters – CNN contributor Ed Martin calls fellow CNN employees and co-panelists ‘black racists’ and ‘rabid feminists.’
Think Progress – Trump judicial nominee withdraws after humiliating video goes viral.
The Root – Charlottesville police chief announces retirement effective immediately.
The Daily Beast – The Republican Party faces a Roy Moore-style humiliation in Virginia.
Hatewatch – Twitter begins long-awaited crackdown on hate groups and extremist rhetoric.
The Outline – Trump gave us an ugly blueprint for an ugly year.
Tulsa World – Man accused in attacks targeting homeless now charged with racial hate crime.
Snopes – No, DNA testing companies did not admit to altering tests in order to ‘screw with racists.’
Vox – 6 things you didn’t know about Jesus in Islam.
Right Wing Watch – The far right claims victory over ‘the establishment’ after net neutrality repeal.
The Intercept – Trump’s Jerusalem announcement sparked deadly violence — from Israel.