The Alt-Right Cries Salty Tears After Roy Moore’s Loss

On Tuesday night, in a surprise upset, Democratic candidate Doug Jones defeated his Republican opponent Roy Moore in Alabama’s special election. Even though Moore had a history of making outrageous statements on subjects from homosexuality to Islam, and was plagued by allegations of child molestation, many still assumed he would be triumphant in the deep-red state.

But thanks to a combination of Republican defectors and high Democratic turnout — especially among black women — Jones won with 49.9% of the vote. And that’s with the widespread talk of voter suppression in African-American neighborhoods.

This was a result that few people predicted heading into election night, especially among the white nationalist “alt-right” movement, whose figureheads had spent months touting a decisive win for Moore.

And, insult to injury, Jones used his victory speech to both quote Martin Luther King, Jr. and wish his Jewish friends a “Happy Hanukkah.”

Brad Griffin, who blogs under the pen name “Hunter Wallace,” was perhaps his most vocal alt-right supporter. Griffin praised Roy Moore, calling him an “electoral middle finger” and claiming he could “inspire a purge of these cucks in similar Southern states.” And he repeatedly voiced his opinion that Moore was a shoe-in:

Following Moore’s loss Griffin blamed Republicans, tweeting, “I’m angry, but not surprised. They pulled the same stunt with Trump after losing the primary. They have demonstrated time and again that party loyalty is a one way street with them.” He followed this up by vowing to “spend all of 2018 discouraging our people from voting for the GOP.”

The Twitter account of The Red Elephants, an alt-right media collective, encouraged people to level bogus charges of rape against Democratic candidates in 2018:

Lana Lokteff, one of the hosts of Red Ice TV, complained that the South is “full of cucks, lefties & welfare citizens”:

Ayla Stewart, a.k.a. “Wife With a Purpose,” attacked those who sided with Roy Moore’s accusers, calling them people of “low moral fiber” and told Alabamians they “should be ashamed”:

Eric Striker, a writer for the Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer and host of Fascism Now!, declared that “you cant [sic] politically afford to ignore the Jewish question anymore,” and accused Jews of “suppress[ing] rural white turnout”:

Paul Nehlen, who admitted to raising $150,000 for Moore’s failed campaign and called him an “outstanding candidate,” seems to be living on another planet entirely:

David Duke, who endorsed Moore in a recent broadcast, was reduced to a sputtering mess. The creepy old ex-Klan leader devoted the entirety of Wednesday’s show to ranting about the reasons for Moore’s loss and making unusual justifications for his behavior.

Duke bizarrely stated that politicians like Moore “are pretty aggressive,” and have a “very strong sexual drive,” before ranting about the promotion of sex and drinking in movies for some reason.

Then he repeated debunked claims about Moore’s accusers (e.g., Beverly Young Nelson “forged” Moore’s note in her yearbook) before finally blaming the Republican candidate’s defeat on the so-called “Jewish media.”

According to Duke, the “Jewish media” protected politicians like John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton and “fought tooth and nail” to cover up the behavior of Al Franken and Harvey Weinstein, but inexplicably attacked Roy Moore.

Things were even bleaker at The Right Stuff, where forum members sat around and complained about how “/ourboy/” Roy Moore managed to lose to the guy who prosecuted the perpetrators of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing.

Altdredd wrote that “Alabamans have gone full cuck and have allowed niggers to enact policy through their shitlib Jones for the next six years.” HanzVonStryker declared that the “GOP has to be destroyed” and called establishment Republicans “a bigger threat than leftists.”

Even the Daily Shoah‘s “Death Panel” seemed to be in a sour mood. Jazzhands McFeels — who supported and defended Moore — appeared stunned by the level of black turnout. “The real disparity in the numbers was the fact that blacks turned out at a rate of twice of whites,” he said. “And that is just insane.”

He then suggested that the only way the Democrats could have possibly overcome their disadvantages going into election day was to drastically boost the African-American vote. Or, in his words, “turbo niggers.” And he seemed to have no idea how this occurred:

They actually went, I think, beyond 2008 levels last night. So, you’re talking about first black president turnout here, for a white guy? A dopey white guy, Doug Jones? And the other thing we were talking about is, where was Al Sharpton? Where was Jesse Jackson? Where were all these guys coming down there to tell everybody what a horrible person Roy Moore is and KKK and all that? Where was all that? None of it.

Jesse Dunstan suggested that people realized Sharpton and Jackson were “losers,” to which Peinovich replied, “Well, not to blacks though.” McFeels concurred:

Not to blacks. They trotted out Charles Barkley. Corey Booker went down there, but where was Barack Obama? Where was Eric Holder? These are the usual token blacks that they send down for these kind of elections. And this is a state where they needed to turn these people out and I just don’t know how they did it. It was kept very quiet.

Although it was Dunstan who seemingly took it the hardest, complaining that white people still don’t vote as a bloc (well, sort of) and that Moore was the victim of a smear campaign by the “J-Left” — The Right Stuff’s clever new slur against Jews and liberals who supposedly do their bidding:

We liked him because the J-Left went all-out to destroy him. He became our guy when Gloria Allred came out and had a fucking yearbook, proving that he tried to date a girl at age 14. That’s when he became our guy and that’s when — I dunno what’s wrong with white people. They can’t come out in solidarity and do something. This was a broadside, massive, over-the-top attack that wasn’t even attempted to be made in secret. It was a blatant, on-its-face “We’re the J-Left and we’re bullshitting you with our media right now, and we’re going to destroy this person with bald-faced, ridiculous accusations.”

To top it all off, Dunstan admitted that he was “extremely rustled” by this.