Headlines — 12/12/17

Sandy Hook truther loses free speech lawsuit, how the Internet bailed Christopher Cantwell out of jail, how Steve Bannon waged war on Twitter, and more.

BuzzFeed News – This is how Steve Bannon and Breitbart tried to sabotage Twitter.
The Huffington Post – The Nazi-puncher’s dilemma.
Salon – Never mind the sex scandals, Roy Moore is a son of the Confederacy.
Media Matters – Breitbart radio is a bigoted and misogynistic cesspool.
Think Progress – Speaker at Roy Moore event says he accidentally went with Moore to a brothel with child prostitutes.
Vice – The Internet bailed Charlottesville white supremacist Chris Cantwell out of jail.
Newsweek – Professor who spread Sandy Hook conspiracy theory loses free speech lawsuit after being fired.
Raw Story – Kentucky Republican who compared the Obamas to monkeys accused of sexually assaulting teen girl.
The Root – A viral story about a bullied white boy and his racist MAGA scamming mom is the perfect way to end 2017.
The Atlantic – It’s not that hard to avoid normalizing Nazis.
Bloomberg – How Steve Bannon rescued Roy Moore’s campaign against all odds.
Unicorn Riot – Police commander behind J20 arrests joked about Holocaust, LGBTs.