Christopher Cantwell Rails Against Jews And Albemarle County Officials In His First Post-Jail Interview

On Friday’s broadcast of The Daily Shoah, co-hosts Mike Peinovich and Jesse Dunstan were joined by Christopher Cantwell. Having finally been granted bond, the Radical Agenda host is now awaiting trial on two charges of illegal use of gas. Cantwell may not leave the Commonwealth of Virginia and is currently prohibited from possessing firearms.

Cantwell boasted that he could “literally talk about the case” without reservation because he doesn’t “have anything to hide.” But he complained that, “I might say something to you like, ‘I’m in jail for gassing kikes and trannies,’ and that fuckin’ prick who’s prosecuting me, he might bring it up to the judge and try to yank my bond — oh wait, he already did that and he lost. Fuck you.”

Describing his latest bond hearing, Cantwell said the Albemarle Commonwealth’s Attorney, Robert Tracci, cited vague “statements” Cantwell made from jail to justify denying bond once more. “And if they had any legal justification for keeping me in jail, they would have,” he continued, “and the only reason that I’m here right now is ’cause they’da lost on appeal if they denied me.”

Peinovich claimed that Albemarle officials were “risking running afoul of the Eighth Amendment” and its ban on cruel and unusual punishments, before abruptly changing his mind and stating that they violated it “from day one.”

Cantwell cut in once more, explaining that “denying me bond is the most ridiculous thing that a person could ever do” since he’s a “public figure” with “nowhere for me to hide.” “So the idea that I’m a flight risk is so beyond ridiculous, and they know that. The reason that the guy’s hangin’ me up in jail is because he wants me to cop a plea, and the longer he keeps me in there, the more it makes sense for me to do so.”

This, combined with the fact that Robert Tracci has not indicted Cantwell’s accusers (Emily Gorcenski and Kris Goad) for perjury, suggests to him that the system is rigged against him. The three called Gorcenski and Goad “activist assholes” and liars who made statements that were “demonstrably false.”

“And the prosecutor, not only did he not indict this prick [Goad] for perjury, he tried to keep the charge on me, this lying piece of shit,” Cantwell exclaimed. “So this is a very clear case where this guy’s takin’ a side, alright? And he’s takin’ a side, teamin’ up with mental patients and perjurers.”

Later on in the podcast Cantwell mentioned the fact that his discussions on race and IQ — saying for instance that “niggers are dumb and they steal, and that’s why they’re goin’ to jail and gettin’ shot by the police” — got him fired from Free Talk Live. He said this was “simple to understand,” but that he had greater difficulty with the JQ — or “Jewish Question”:

The thing with the Jews is a lot more complex, and it’s not as simple as — people have asked me about “Where do Jews come into this?” or whatever. And I’ve always had a difficult time answering the question. And now that I understand it better, giving them precise and short answers is gonna be even more difficult. Because it just seems like every aspect of their existence is that they are a fuckin’ parasite on white people. Like this is what they exist to fucking do.

In a much more measured tone, Peinovich explained that white nationalism as a political movement is an uphill battle — ironically comparing their situation to the Old Testament story of David and Goliath. Goliath, in this case, being a vast Jewish establishment that controls the media, corporations, the government, etc.

“We are the little guy, fighting a massive, oppressive bully and monster that is fucking us,” he complained. And this “monster” has managed to “garner the sympathy of a significant number of people” by painting white nationalists as the monsters.

“That,” Peinovich said, “is what we have to change. We’re not monsters, we’re not evil, we’re not bad people. We are simply fighting for ourselves against a massive, wealthy, powerful, and violent bully. And that’s the winning narrative.” In other words, the anti-Semites will try to paint themselves as the victims — average Americans who were just pushed too far.

He then accused Jewish people of lying about being the ones standing up to a bully, which is why he and fellow white nationalists are tarred with labels like “Nazi” and “KKK” — never mind his own website’s repeated use of Neo-Nazi iconography, racial slurs, and edgy jokes about stuffing Jews into ovens.

Please, forget that The Right Stuff once sold autographed oven mitts, pioneered the use of the triple parentheses, and frequently has the likes of David Duke and Kevin MacDonald as guests on its numerous podcasts. After all, Peinovich said that white nationalists need to “turn that [narrative] around. That’s our objective.”