Andrew Auernheimer Lusts After Teenage Girls And Thinks All Western Women Should Be Raped

In the inaugural episode of his podcast Race Ghost: Roast To Roast, Andrew Auernheimer openly celebrated white supremacist mass murderers — including killers of children and the elderly. And if you were wondering whether Auernheimer could say something that would make him seem even more psychologically disturbed, the answer is maybe not, but in his third episode he comes perilously close.

In a conversation with his co-host Timmy Matlock (a.k.a. Voltar) and guest Zeiger — a writer for The Daily Stormer who praised Omar Mateen’s 2016 massacre at The Pulse nightclub — the Neo-Nazi hacker claimed that women should be raped by white men, a position shared by his associate Andrew Anglin.

“I think at this point, every woman in the Western world, virtually, needs rape,” Auernheimer said, laughing. “I definitely think we need white men to do it, but I think that these skanks need proper rapings and beatings. I think it’s just a reality is that women without the coercion of force will always fall.”

Auernheimer, who has his own sordid history of stalking and harassment, added that men have always used “physical discipline” and “public humiliation” to control women, often with “some sort of instruments.”

Matlock joked that Auernheimer should program “drones” to “beat and rape women” for them. “‘Cause apparently people are too lazy to do it, I say we just have a drone bot net that swarms around [and] just beats and rapes women,” he said. “I mean we don’t really need a robot to do it, we just need to lock these bitches in cages,” Auernheimer replied, striking a more serious tone.

“And if every man in civilization is in agreement, then even if she leaves the house she’s still really in a cage. There’s a social structure that keeps the bitch in line, and that’s the important thing is for her to understand that there’s a cage, and there’s horrific things that will happen to her if she violates the social standards for women that existed for thousands of years up until 1820.”

And, to up the creep factor even more, in a now unlisted video from November 14, 2017, Auernheimer defended embattled senate candidate Roy Moore. Moore has been accused of sexual misconduct and sexual assault by several women while they were teenagers and Moore was in his 30s.

Auernheimer sanitized Moore’s alleged behavior, and said it can’t compare to the actions of people like Louis C.K. and Harvey Weinstein. He claimed that there’s a “huge difference” between Weinstein “jerking off in a potted plant” and Moore “going on a date and kissing a teenager when he’s actively looking for a wife.”

Auernheimer then launched into a spirited defense of adult men dating teenagers, and revealed his own predilection for young girls in the process:

I mean this is truly perversion that they’re doing, and they’re trying to equivocate it with honest dating and mate seeking. Because I mean anybody’s dated tons of teenage women, tons of women in general. And if you dig through anybody’s past you’re gonna be able to find some women out of the probably hundreds that any normal man has dated — at least gone on a date with a significant number of women — I’ve certainly dated no shortage of women, and you could probably get at least three percent of ’em to say something mean about me.

And that’s all that it takes. You’re talkin’ three, four women for Ray Moore [sic] right now, all of which was like 30 years ago when he was actually tryin’ to find a woman to marry. It’s not impropriety to date a teenager. That’s just sensible. That’s normal for all of human history. There’s never been a time in European history, up until 1940 this was basically universally normal. And there’s still women younger than 14 being married off in states like New Jersey, right now. Right now.

So, the reality is that, A) that’s not an absurd thing, it’s perfectly normal for a 30-something man to date a teenage girl. I know that, I’m in my 30s and I wouldn’t date a woman over 20. I don’t know about you, but… And I’m actively trying to look for a wife, basically. Like I’m interested in a serious relationship. And that’s the same — Ray Moore [sic] was doing the same thing. He was dating multiple teenage girls, looking for a marriage, and that’s what healthy relationships are. Teenage boys are not — and even men in their 20s typically — are not psychologically prepared for marriage. That’s a nearly universal thing.

[Emphasis mine.]

What a charmer.