Jason Kessler Admits Heather Heyer Was Fatally Struck By A Car At ‘Unite The Right’

On the November 22, 2017 episode of Radio Wehrwolf, white nationalist Jason Kessler discussed the aftermath of his disastrous “Unite the Right” rally — and debunked a popular alt-right talking about the death of Heather Heyer in the process. Heyer was killed after a white nationalist sped his car into a crowd of anti-racist protesters, and her cause of death was ruled as blunt force injury to the chest.

Still that didn’t stop amateur Internet sleuths from attempting to prove that something else — anything else — was responsible for her death. On the “Alt-South” blog Occidental Dissent, Brad Griffin used a handful of screen shots and video clips to prove that Heyer died of an unrelated heart attack.

One 18 second clip in particular shows Heyer’s mother saying she died “pretty instantly” of a “heart attack.” Of course the aftermath of any tragedy can be confusing, especially for the loved one of a victim. Information can be false or misinterpreted. Perhaps they misspoke. Maybe instead of “heart attack” she meant a myocardial contusion — a bruise of the heart muscle common among car accident victims.

To many on the alt-right, this was evidence of a cover-up. Griffin’s hypothesis that Heyer was never hit by James Fields’ car reverberated across white nationalist websites.

Eric Striker of The Daily Stormer repeated it uncritically in an episode of Fascism Now!, while his guest Emily Youcis claimed Heyer “died from being fat.” Youcis went on to call Heyer’s mother a “murderer” for having “stuffed” her with “soda, chips, [and] poison.”

But when Radio Wehrwolf co-host Dion alleged that Heyer was never struck by Fields’ car, Kessler set the record straight — despite referring to the situation as a “car accident” — and contradicted his comrades in the process. “That’s one of the things that we’ve gotta correct,” Kessler said, noting that he himself was the target of unproven allegations by websites like InfoWars.

Kessler stated unequivocally that Heyer was “definitely hit by the car,” that video footage showed her “marching dead-up the center of that street,” and that there was “no way that car didn’t hit her.”

He also quoted a friend of his as saying Heyer was “caught under the car and was dragged for a while.” And this is coming from the same guy who called Heyer’s death “payback time” and smeared her as a “fat disgusting Communist.”

He also revealed that he’s moving toward outright Holocaust denial, promoting the works of discredited, anti-Semitic historian David Irving. According to Kessler, Irving has a “very nuanced position on the so-called Holocaust” which is that no Jews were exterminated at Auschwitz, and that the gas chambers were a post-War fabrication.

And Kessler alleged that the use of the word “holocaust” to describe the systematic extermination of Jews, Roma, LGBT people, and others was a 1970s “marketing campaign” by “wealthy and influential Jews” on Madison Avenue. He claimed that this was done in order to create a “mythology” around the “so-called Holocaust” which would allow Jews to amass wealth and power.

“So based on that I was thinking, ‘Well that’s very interesting, because Jewish people in America and across the Western world have used that Holocaust narrative to get immense political power for themselves.'” he said.

“I mean they control every aspect of publishing and the Internet, the news media and so forth. And I think that Charlottesville was also a campaign. It was like a little Holocaust. They used it to push their agenda, and its become very mythical. They don’t have a big body count but they have one martyr that they can use to try and dismantle an entire political movement of millions of people.”