Faith Goldy Preaches The Gospel Of Anti-Feminism On Alt-Right Podcast

In a recent episode of the alt-right podcast The Hanging Chads, ex-Rebel Media correspondent and red pill overdose victim Faith Goldy made a guest appearance. Goldy, who was unceremoniously fired from The Rebel Media for appearing on a Neo-Nazi podcast during the “Unite the Right” rally, came on to discuss the evils of feminism and “what conservative women are looking for in a man.”

Hanging Chads host Todd asked Goldy why liberal women are “turning on men.” Goldy replied by calling women the victims of an “organized campaign” against the traditional family.

“And so what has happened is that there have been, specifically in Western civilization, there has been in the past 50, 60 years, an organized campaign to tear down the institutions that provide order outside of government,” she said. “And that is mainly the family.” This campaign’s goal, Goldy asserted, is to “deconstruct man and woman as they are intended to be.”

She lamented that the result of this campaign has been a “role reversal” of the sexes, in which TV shows and commercials portray women who exhibit “typically male characteristics and virtues.”

“You know, corporal daring, monetary conquest, hard-bodied, sex-driven — these are all things that were typically associated with men. Like real men. 1940s, ’50s men. The sort of Humphrey Bogart, James Bond guy that every chick wants no matter whether or not — even if she’s got dyed underarm hair, she still wants that. She’s programmed to want that.”

Goldy claimed that a cabal of individuals were trying to deprogram these women, and cited the following quote that is often attributed to Vladimir Lenin: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” (Even right-wing author Paul Skousen voiced skepticism of the origins of this saying in his book The Naked Socialist.)

But regardless of who said it, Goldy’s underlying message is that children are being brainwashed at universities — what she called “literal indoctrination camps” — with Marxist and feminist agitprop. She claimed these universities are teaching students that white men are “bad” to the point where they choose work over marriage and motherhood:

And the next thing you know, they’re pushing 40 and they feel, as statistics show, completely empty. They feel dissatisfied. They feel depressed. And they say, ‘Well maybe now I’ll start husband hunting.’ And guess what happens, honey? Your colleagues, your peers so to speak, they’re lookin’ at the 20-year-olds, they ain’t lookin’ at you because, over this time while you’ve been digging your own social value grave, their social market value has increased ’cause they’ve got jobs, they probably spent some time deciding what they want in a mate ’cause they’ve swiped right is it on Twinder [sic], [or] Tinder for the ones you want? They’ve swiped right on enough batshit crazy lasses that they’ve said, ‘Okay, that’s what I don’t want in a mate.’ So now they’re refined both in their choice and also what they bring to the table, but they’re gonna do really well for themselves so…

She ended her “rant” by bringing up a recent church sermon she heard, in which the priest called sin a form of spiritual leprosy that “disfigures the soul.” Goldy criticized Western society for having “walked away from those things that are traditionally European, traditionally Christian, traditionally our heritage” — something she says has “disfigured our entire society.”