In Her Latest Video, Rebecca Hargraves Turns To Overt White Nationalism

In a November 22, 2017 video, Rebecca Hargraves (a.k.a. “Blonde in the Belly of the Beast”) revealed that she has officially adopted a white nationalist worldview. The St. Louis native got her start recording videos with titles like “Living in Libtard USA,” “Feminism is for Idiots and Uglies,” and “Degenerate Women and their Abortions.”

On May 8, 2016, Hargraves teamed up with the more popular vlogger Matt Christiansen — his YouTube channel boasts roughly 8,000 more subscribers than Hargraves’ — for a series called “Beauty and the Beta.” Christiansen, the titular “beta,” was also present with Hargraves when she covered last year’s Republican National Convention for the alt-right media outlet Red Ice Radio.

In video captured by Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project, Hargraves could be seen chatting with Nathan Damigo, the founder of Identity Evropa, before being interviewed for Democracy Now! Hargraves blasted Black Lives Matter as “more racist than any white person I’ve ever met in my life.” Christiansen, who was tasked with carrying the video equipment, described himself and Hargraves as “disaffected liberals.”

Earlier this year, Hargraves was one of three guests on the white supremacist podcast Radio 3Fourteen where she discussed alt-right dating advice. (The others were Bre Faucheux and the pseudonymous “Blonde Buttermaker.”) But she still allegedly identified as a civic nationalist.

Now, she dismisses civic nationalism outright — at least in a multicultural society, that is. “The basis of this mentality is that people can fundamentally reject their more base, tribal, usually ethnic preferences in favor of an intangible philosophy,” Hargraves said.

“What I saw this last year was that not only were minority groups rejecting their Americanism in favor of their ethnic group, but they were presenting America as racist and hostile against them,” she continued.

“Some of these people have been given unprecedented opportunities to succeed, yet still choose to treat America like a hopelessly racist nation. To resent her. And to break politically, completely on ethnic lines, and with only the interest of their own ethnicity in mind.”

She complained that “collectivism and tribalism” are “actively reinforced in minority communities” while “white people are told that engaging in the exact same collectivism is hateful, racist, and even an expression of violence.” And while she says she didn’t use to care about “white identity,” she changed her mind once she saw the “anti-white narrative.”

After citing the usual white nationalist grievances — black-on-white crime, racial minorities who vote Democratic and depend on the government, media that supposedly paints white people as racist — Hargraves declared the American experiment all but dead, and threw in her lot with the same people who marched on Charlottesville.