Headlines — 11/11/17

Thousands of Polish fascists march on Warsaw, Breitbart defends alleged child molester Roy Moore, white nationalist Christopher Cantwell sees his charges reduced, and more.

The Wall Street Journal – Polish nationalist youth march draws thousands in capital.
Raw Story – There was a terror attack in Colorado last week — but no one is talking about it.
The Philadelphia Inquirer – Philly police officers on Facebook say Larry Krasner is #notmyDA.
CounterPunch – Richard Spencer is not a ‘dissident intellectual.’
Media Matters – White supremacist leader recently donated to Roy Moore’s campaign.
Electronic Intifada – Congressional hearing on Jerusalem shuts out Palestinians.
Think Progress – Breitbart would rather defend alleged child molester Roy Moore than lose an election.
Right Wing Watch – Gavin McInnes says trans candidates wouldn’t have won if men didn’t let women vote.
New Republic – How Trump is using Bush-era laws to deport Christians.
Boston.com – Judge tosses 2 charges against prominent white nationalist from New Hampshire.
Slate – Senate panel votes to turn blogger without trial experience into a federal judge.
BuzzFeed News – Far-right websites are spreading a baseless conspiracy theory about Roy Moore allegations.
Salon – Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller site flirts with the alt-right fringe.