Headlines — 11/07/17

Conservative Twitter superstar Amy Mek might not be real, Homeland Security is sourcing its intel on Antifa from alt-right websites, white nationalist apologist Tom Tancredo eyes the Colorado governorship, and more.

The San Francisco Examiner – Searching for proof of Amy Mek.
MuckRock – Even amid emerging white supremacist threat, Homeland Security is still caught up on Leftist groups.
Unicorn Riot – 567 pages of emails between the University of Florida and the National Policy Institute have been released.
Right Wing Watch – Gavin McInnes claims Dylann Roof was not a terrorist.
Raw Story – Philly cop investigated for threatening to come after ‘ghetto’ black woman during racist Facebook tirade.
Media Matters – Meet Tom Tancredo, the white nationalist apologist and Breitbart columnist running for Colorado governor.
AlterNet – The far-right fantasized about a gun battle with Antifa, but got another mass killer in gun-crazy Texas.
BuzzFeed News – Here is the misinformation going around about the Texas church shooting.
Think Progress – Being undocumented while black.
Rewire – Republicans inject extremist fetal ‘personhood’ language into tax plan.