Headlines — 10/31/17

Breitbart is waging a war on Leftist professors, Ben Shapiro’s sister faces a torrent of anti-Semitic abuse, right-wing pundits fall for Antifa joke, and more.

In These Times – The Breitbart-fueled war on Leftist academics.
Political Research Associates – How anti-Communist conspiracies imagine an Antifa civil war on November 4.
Right Wing Watch – Gullible right-wing pundits get trolled by a liberal Twitter comedian.
Hatewatch – How old-school white nationalists failed to deliver in Tennessee.
Think Progress – GOP gubernatorial candidate outraged by criticism of his racist campaign.
Media Matters – Right-wing trolls try to smear protesters as pedophiles by planting a sign referencing a reportedly disbanded organization.
The Mary Sue – Trump’s racist Chief of Staff John Kelly on the Civil War.
DNAinfo – 3 men charged with hate crimes for racist graffiti in cemetery, NYPD says.
WABC-TV – ‘Racist’ campaign flyer depicting puppeteer sparks anger in suburban Yorktown.
The Forward – Anti-Semitic trolls are targeting Ben Shapiro’s sister and it’s horrifying.