Was Attempted Murderer William Fears Part of Richard Spencer’s Security Detail?

Shortly after Richard Spencer’s speech — if one can call it that — at the University of Florida, three Neo-Nazis were arrested and charged for the attempted murder of anti-racist protesters at a nearby bus stop. The three would-be killers, Tyler Tenbrink, William Fears, and Colton Fears, had been interviewed by the Gainesville Sun earlier in the day, with William expressing support for alleged murderer James Fields Jr.

However, according to a document published by Atlanta Antifa, one of the men might have had a larger role in Spencer’s event than originally thought. The 16-page document, addressed to “Task Force Vandal and NPI [National Policy Institute] Staff,” lays out the instructions on how to prepare for “OPERATION GATOR.”

According to this internal memo, the alt-right detachments consisted of “Task Force Vandal” — “primarily members of Identity Evropa, The Florida Gators and Patriot Front” — as well as members of the League of the South, Identity Dixie, Anti-Communist Action, and other white nationalists.

The memo also listed a “Succession of Command,” which named Greg Ritter (a Marylander whose real name is Gregory Conte) as XO, or executive officer. Ritter is followed by ground commander Mark Vandal, and then public security officer Caerulus Rex (real name Brian Brathovd).

However, what is most striking about these instructions actually relates to the so-called “White Bloc” personnel. If you recall, Richard Spencer called for a “White Bloc” security force after he was sucker-punched in January. According to Spencer, this group would ideally be able to match the “numbers and dedication” of Antifa.

This “White Bloc” was instructed to wear a “white long sleeve uniform shirt” with tan trousers. As Atlanta Antifa pointed out, William Fears, the man who allegedly encouraged Tyler Tenbrink to fire his gun at protesters, was wearing this very “White Bloc” outfit:

William Fears
William Fears, center, speaks to the press [Alan Youngblood/The Gainesville Sun]
In addition, it appears as though William Fears (under a pseudonym) shared the flag of Patriot Front on his Facebook page. Members of Patriot Front, an openly fascist group that seeks a white “nation within a nation,” were included in the “Task Force Vandal” detachment.

However, when asked about the relationship between William Fears and Richard Spencer’s security team, Eli Mosley — the current leader of Identity Evropa — denied any connection. “Fears was not part of the security teams nor were his brother or the other guy,” he told me. “I have a blacklist of people we don’t deal with not just with IE but also with Richard.”

He said they were added to that blacklist after Charlottesville because William Fears “disrespected my direct order and was a fool,” adding that he “looked into his past and knew he was bad news.” When asked about the outfit Fears wore — and the fact that it matched the official uniform — Mosley replied that “he just wore that as a general thing.”

H/T Atlanta Antifascists

[This story has been updated to include remarks by Identity Evropa leader Eli Mosley.]