Headlines — 10/19/17

A white nationalist street-fighting group isn’t being investigated by law enforcement, an ex-editor of a pro-Gamergate website is charged with murder, Jim Goad’s transformation to alt-right icon, and more.

Huffington Post – Flier at Cleveland State University encourages LGBTQ students to kill themselves.
ProPublica – Rise Above Movement, a white hate group, has little to fear from authorities.
Slate – Justice Department appeals decision ordering government to let undocumented teen get an abortion.
We Hunted the Mammoth – Ex-Ralph Retort politics editor charged with murdering his dad in a fight over a conspiracy theory.
AlterNet – The alt-right group Richard Spencer asked to protect him at U. of Florida discussed bombing a federal building.
Think Progress – These wealthy institutions are quietly financing white nationalism.
Raw Story – White supremacist begs for cash after being arrested for aggravated assault on anti-Confederate protesters.
BuzzFeed News – Twitter was warned repeatedly about this fake account run by a Russian troll farm and refused to take it down.
Right Wing Watch – ‘New Right’ activists pivot backwards, share laughs with ‘Unite the Right’ demonstrator.
Willamette Week – Two decades after author Jim Goad fell from grace in Portland, he’s re-emerged as an icon of the alt-right.