Headlines — 10/18/17

White supremacist bodyguard “Caerulus Rex” is unmasked as an Alabama National Guardsman, Trump’s Muslim Ban 3.0 just lost in federal court, senate candidate Roy Moore says NFL players kneeling is unlawful, and more.

Unicorn Riot – Richard Spencer’s bodyguard ‘Caerulus Rex’ exposed as member of National Guard.
The New Yorker – The danger of President Pence.
Media Matters – Sad, ineffectual white men unite behind their shared rage that a woman spoke her mind again.
Mic – The chilling legal effect that forces colleges to host white supremacists like Richard Spencer.
Time – Senate candidate Roy Moore says NFL protesters are breaking the law.
New Republic – The alt-right doesn’t know what to do with white women.
Think Progress – Trump just lost a big court case because he’s a terrible liar.
The Intercept – In the age of Trump, Tom Cotton may be America’s most dangerous senator.
Rewire – Trump’s new birth control rules are white Christian supremacy veiled as religious freedom.