The Daily Shoah Mocks Ben Shapiro With An Anti-Semitic Columbus Day Segment

On the October 11, 2017 episode of The Daily Shoah, the Death Panel used Columbus (or Indigenous Peoples’) Day to take a shot at conservative columnist Ben Shapiro. Shapiro is both Jewish and a longtime critic of the alt-right, which makes him an ideal target for the white supremacists at The Right Stuff, which invented the use of the triple parentheses to identify Jews online.

In a fake PSA, co-host Jesse Dunstan — the brains behind the show’s numerous song parodies — played the role of Shapiro, and explained that Indigenous Peoples’ Day is offensive to Jewish people.

“I’m Ben Shapiro and I’m Jewish,” Dunstan said, “Cities all over the United States this year have taken the stunning and brave action of declaring Columbus Day obsolete and renaming it Indigenous People’s Day in honor of tomahawk taquito tribesmen all over the Western hemisphere. I must definitively declare my disapproval of this development.”

Describing Shapiro as a “Diasporadic, rootless, nationless, cosmopolitan” “tribesman,” Dunstan said that the “celebration of indigenous people of any land as anything other than udders to be milked dry with the capable and invisible hand of the free market is offensive and perhaps even anti-Semitic.”

As he continued the bit he thanked Christopher Columbus for “discovering a whole new land we can fill up with capable goyim just itching to serve the Chosen worldwide.” And he added some Holocaust denial for good measure, stating that the “indigenous people of Germany” “rounded up” Shapiro’s people and brought them on a “train ride to poison gas shower camps complete with intramural soccer leagues and theater productions.”

The existence of an orchestra, sauna and other similar features at Auschwitz-Birkenau is often used by Holocaust deniers to paint the concentration camp as something akin to a resort for prisoners in order to refute claims of Nazi atrocities. But Auschwitz was unique in that it was both a labor and extermination camp, and reserved its amenities for the kapos (prisoners promoted to a supervisory role).

For other resources on combating Holocaust denial please visit Holocaust Denial On Trial or the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.