Jazzhands McFeels: Las Vegas Shooter May Have Been A ‘Leftoid’ Who Targeted White People

On the October 6, 2017 episode of The Paranormies Present: The Ahnenerbe Hour, host Johnny Ramondetta interviewed Jazzhands McFeels about the recent massacre in Las Vegas. According to McFeels — himself an admitted believer in conspiracies about 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing — it’s quite possible that the government is covering up information about the shooter, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock.

McFeels speculated that the killer’s Facebook page and other social media were scrubbed from the Internet, possibly because they had information that would have been damaging to the powers that be.

While Ramondetta said the “ISIS story would make the most sense for him snapping” — referencing the rumor that Paddock converted to Islam and carried out the attack in ISIS’ name — McFeels thought it plausible that Paddock was motivated by left-wing ideology.

“But the radicalization may not just mean ISIS,” he said. “It could also mean he actually is a radicalized Leftist. I was talking to [Marcus] Halberstram today, and Halberstram was saying that it’s entirely possible that this dude was just — he is a leftoid. And he was so fucking gaslighted, as most of these people are, to the point where he actually believes that white Trump supporters, MAGA hat Americans are a clear and present danger to the United States as he sees it.”

He added that there has been no news of Facebook cooperating with federal investigators, and nothing from the killer’s profile has been released that could shed light on his motivations. He claimed that if the killer were right-wing we would have this information by now.

Ramondetta then delved into the rumor that Paddock had Antifa literature in his hotel room during the shooting — a lie concocted by white supremacists on 4chan to shift the blame onto the Left. But Ramondetta falsely claimed that Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo verified that such literature was found.

McFeels sounded skeptical, but replied that “if we’re gonna entertain the possibility that they found Antifa literature in this guy’s room” then “it goes back to this theory that he was just so fucking gaslighted, he views everyone, including the United States government, as an enemy: America, white supremacists. Even the most normal, mundane, non-fascist things in America from his perspective must be destroyed.”