Headlines — 10/11/17

Men’s rights activists have commonalities with white supremacists, Mike Enoch’s journey to white supremacy, Drexel University caves to right-wing threats and puts a professor on leave, and more.

The New Yorker – Mike Enoch’s transformation from leftist contrarian to white nationalist shock jock.
The Root – Deandre Harris is now wanted in connection with the same attack at a white supremacist rally where he was seriously injured.
ProPublica – ‘Partisan’ gerrymandering is still about race.
NYMag – ESPN suspends Jemele Hill for tweeting about NFL boycotts.
Media Matters – What men’s rights activists and other ‘anti-feminist’ men have in common with white supremacists.
Rewire – Will Congress do something about missing, murdered Native women?
Salon – Roy Moore took a salary from his charity after saying he didn’t.
The Nation – The color of terrorism and the whiteness of the lone wolf.
Hatewatch – When white nationalism chant their slogans, what do they mean?
The Washington Post – Conservatives are the real campus thought police squashing academic freedom.
The Outline – How should the alt-right be covered?