Augustus Invictus Claims He Was ‘Blacklisted’ At Free Speech Rallies By ‘Cucks’

Alt-right activist and U.S. Senate hopeful Augustus Sol Invictus is furious over being “blacklisted” by right wing activists and organizations. At the sparsely attended “Mother of All Rallies” on September 16, Invictus was reportedly barred from speaking, while a group of Black Lives Matter protesters was invited on stage.

In a video tirade posted to his YouTube channel, Invictus — whose phony accent seems to drift somewhere between Cajun and New England — castigated right-wingers who distanced themselves from him, categorizing their actions as “treason” and “the very definition of cuckoldry.” Which it isn’t.

“You allow terrorists from Black Lives Matter who have been physically assaulting rally attendees, hunting down and killing police officers, calling for the extermination of white people — but you blacklisted me,” he complained.

And he went on to denounce those who “blacklisted” him and abandoned the alt-right after Charlottesville as “spineless” “traitors” who “belong on the Left, not the Right.” And while Invictus said everyone, Left and Right, should be standing up to “international finance” and the “New World Order,” but that those on the right need to choose a side.

As he put it, “it comes down to whether you hate white people and want to burn down Western civilization, or whether you want to restore the American republic and defend Western civilization.”