White Nationalists Rail Against President Trump For ‘Cucking’ On Immigration

Earlier this month the Trump administration announced it would be ending the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in six months. Unless Congress passes legislation to protect them, nearly 800,000 DREAMers (immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally as children) will be subject to deportation.

Late Wednesday night, however, it was revealed that a tentative deal might have been struck between President Trump and members of Democratic Party leadership to finally pass the DREAM Act. And while polling shows that a solid majority of Americans favor providing DREAMers with a path to citizenship, some members of Trump’s mostly white male base aren’t having it.

The Right Stuff’s Mike Peinovich, who broke with Trump over his military strike on Syria, called any potential deal “total political suicide” and suggested he would spread “shitlib Russia conspiracy theories just for the lulz”:

Fash the Nation host Jazzhands McFeels likewise called amnesty “suicide” and claimed that if a DREAM Act passes Trump will be a “one term president”:

Richard Spencer complained that protecting DREAMers would continue the demographic displacement of white Americans:

White nationalist vlogger Paul Ramsey called a DREAM Act without funding for a border wall an impeachable offense, and said it was worse than George H. W. Bush’s infamous “read my lips, no new taxes” debacle:

Stefan Molyneux began tweeting supposed examples of undocumented immigrants committing violent crime. He also compared DREAMers to “tax cheats” and predicted the death of the United States, which is definitely not hysterical and overblown:

Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who previously tweeted that we cannot restore “civilization” with “somebody else’s babies,” cautioned that if such a deal existed between Trump and the Democrats, his base will be “blown up, destroyed, irreparable, and disillusioned beyond repair”:

Ann Coulter was beside herself with anger. In a flurry of tweets, the far-right pundit accused Trump of destroying his presidency and suggested he be impeached. Coulter secretly helped author the Trump campaign’s immigration policy, and remarked that she didn’t care if Trump “wants to perform abortions in White House” if he enacted it.

Mark Krikorian of the anti-immigrant hate group Center for Immigration Studies ranted about amnesty:

The account for the racist website VDARE referred to DREAMers as “invaders”:

And the white supremacist group Identity Evropa tweeted the following as well:

Meanwhile, the white nationalist blog Occidental Dissent published an article titled “IT’S OVER: Top Cuck Donald Trump Strikes Deal On DACA Amnesty, No Border Wall Funding,” which accused Trump of “bring[ing] White America to a frenzy over the idea of maybe, just maybe, taking the country back” and then “driv[ing] a stake into the collective heart of the very same people.”

And at My Posting Career — another online hub for white supremacists and their ilk — Guapo wrote, “Jesus Christ, I don’t want f**king tax cuts, I want spics and their spic kids the f**k out of my country. Gas the boomers.” Another poster, (((SINISTER NAZI ECHO))) lamented that Trump was “cucking” on DACA. “‘They have to go back’ is what we were promised. Not, oh they can stay if they have a college degree or join the Army.”

Other Trump supporters decided to make a show of burning their “Make America Great Again” hats in protest. One young Trump fan, Luis Withrow, hilariously lit his red campaign cap on fire after proclaiming that Trump had best “drain the swamp” or he would “never make America great again.” President Trump had sown the wind by riling up the most xenophobic and unhinged elements of the electorate. It seems he may yet reap the whirlwind.