Theodore Beale Announces ‘Voxiversity,’ An Online School For Aspiring Misogynists

Theodore “Vox Day” Beale recently announced his latest vanity project, an online “university” for his readers that he’s calling — what else — “Voxiversity.” Funded through Chuck Johnson’s fledgling FreeStartr website, Voxiversity will purportedly offer information on religion, philosophy, male-female relations, history, immigration, and war.

In a teaser video, Beale described Voxiversity as an “online series of videos which are intended to give tens of millions of men and women the ability to thrive and survive in the culture wars.” He went on to call it a “very important front in the culture war” against “social media giants” that want to “silence all alternative voices.”

In a subsequent Periscope video, he said these “video lectures” were inspired by right-wing figures like academic racist Stefan Molyneux and Jordan B. Peterson — a University of Toronto professor who calls college students “pampered” and complains about gender neutral pronouns.

“Sadly I don’t think we’ll be able to award any Ph.D.s,” he added, “however I can guarantee that the information that you will be getting is that.”

He also pointed out that all of the videos would be free for everyone, and that donation amounts would be entirely up to viewers. “The lowest tier we’ve got is five [dollars]. Don’t worry about it if you can’t manage the five a month, then please just support it by watching the videos.”

All things considered it really is a generous offer by Beale. After all, he’s making the videos available to both men and women, despite his persistent complaining about women’s education and women’s suffrage.

Indeed, Beale has called women’s rights an “evolutionary dead end,” said that women have “destroyed the liberal arts, the classics and the pseudo-sciences” and are now trying to ruin the “more rigorous sciences,” and sided with the Taliban over their attempted assassination of women’s education activist Malala Yousafzai.

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