Headlines — 9/10/17

Racist attorney Kyle Bristow is the latest far-right “free speech” champion, Donald Trump’s presidency is built on the erasure of Obama’s, white supremacist Tim Gionet threatens to sue a news outlet over a photoshopped image he made, and more.

The Daily Beast – The far-right’s latest ‘free speech’ champion is a would-be racist novelist.
The Atlantic – Why Donald Trump is the first white president.
Rewire – As chat logs show, ‘peaceful right-wing activists’ are a myth.
We Hunted the Mammoth – Vox Day thinks lying is great ‘persuasion,’ unless people are lying about him.
New York Daily News – Liberal-raised NYC white nationalist has a podcast with 100,000 fans.
Media Matters – Fringe media are furiously trying to absolve the white nationalist who allegedly killed Heather Heyer.
Think Progress – Steve Bannon seems unable to process how people can have sympathy for immigrants.
Salon – What Adolf Hitler and the Nazis learned from American racism.
The Independent – Make no mistake about it: the alt-right is a cult, and this is how its members lure people in.
Haaretz – Soros and reptilians controlling the world: Yair Netanyahu posts meme rife with anti-Semitic themes.
Gizmodo – White supremacist threatens to sue news outlet over photoshopped gun (that he tweeted a month earlier).