White Nationalist Jazzhands McFeels Remains ‘Very Optimistic’ About The Trump Administration

President Trump’s overall approval rating has been consistently lousy, but some alt-right figures are quite pleased with his performance. The pseudonymous Jazzhands McFeels — reportedly an ex-Republican staffer who now hosts the white power podcast Fash the Nation — told Red Ice Radio‘s Reinhard Wolff that, in spite of waffling on DACA, Trump has made progress deporting non-white immigrants.

Wolff boasted of the alt-right’s ability to reach the President via Twitter and push him to move forward with the right-wing populist agenda he promised. “I think during the campaign, I believe it was, he said something about — something positive about keeping H1B visas and there was a massive storm on Twitter from his supporters, probably led by alt-right accounts, talking about how there was a terrible mistake,” he recalled.

“I mean, each one of us might feel we don’t have millions of Twitter followers or anything, but we do have the ability to kind of direct a large degree of outrage on Twitter,” Wolff continued, “and people who are close with Trump do follow some alt-right accounts — I’m not gonna name who, but, I mean, when we do kind of speak our minds and there’s enough of us doing it on the Internet, essentially, he — it’s obvious that it gets to him.”

And after joking about having former Trump adviser Steve Bannon as a guest on Fash the Nation after their “ethnostate” is created, Wolff asked McFeels whether he was feeling optimistic about Trump’s performance. McFeels replied that he’s “very optimistic,” between “getting money for the wall” and the “ongoing deportations.” As McFeels put it, much of what the administration is doing is “very whitepilling” — that is, encouraging.

“I think if Hillary Clinton had become the President of the United States, the thing — the alternate timeline, and of how radically different things would’ve been if she were President, I mean, it’s just unbelievable to think about right now what would happen,” he said.