Cantwell And Peinovich Are Concerned For The Safety Of Accused Murderer James Fields Jr.

In another jailhouse phone call, this time to The Right Stuff’s Mike “Enoch” Peinovich, Christopher Cantwell revealed that he’s in the same housing unit as James Alex Fields Jr., the white nationalist accused of murdering Heather Heyer.

During the call, which took place prior to Cantwell being denied bond, the Radical Agenda host said he was “fine” but annoyed after being awakened by a black inmate’s “chimpout” the night before. Cantwell claimed the inmate was “screamin’ their fuckin’ head off” about “white people” for some reason, and that the noise “kept me up all night.”

Then Cantwell suddenly remembered that James Fields Jr. was actually in his housing unit. He recalled that, not long after arriving in Albemarle Regional Jail he noticed that Fields was sick and throwing up. He asked one of the corrections officers whether or not he was the “Saturday driver,” but didn’t receive a straight answer.

“And then one day he went to take a shower and he had to walk past my cell and I kinda, well let’s just say I tapped my shoulder real quick, right?” said Cantwell. “And it wasn’t long after that that he got moved down the hall and I ain’t seen his face since.”

But he noticed that Fields seemed to be “alright” aside from his brief illness. Peinovich, concerned about the well-being of a fellow Neo-Nazi, asked whether or not Fields looked “like he had been abused or anything like that.” Cantwell confirmed that Fields “didn’t have a mark on him,” which both white supremacists agreed was “good news.”

Peinovich: Hey, what’s up?

Cantwell: [Inaudible] goyim.

Peinovich: Hey man, what’s goin’ on? How are ya?

Cantwell: Fine. Just standin’ here watchin’ some blue-haired white girl cry her fuckin’ eyes out [because] she doesn’t like the idea of being in jail. That’s what I’m up to.

Peinovich: Oh wow. That must be terrible. But, yeah, we’re just —

Cantwell: Yeah it was a nice change of pace from listening to the fucking chimpout that kept me up all night.

Peinovich: Oh wow. Yeah I can only imagine. I can only imagine.

Cantwell: Yeah, I dunno what time it was [but] I woke up hearing somebody screamin’ their fuckin’ head off right down the hall and I was like… Well, first thing’s first I should probably mention — I don’t even think I mentioned this the other day — James Fields is in the same housing unit as me.

Peinovich: Oh really?

Cantwell: Yes, this was the first time I ever saw this guy was in jail, and they apparently moved him down the hall a little bit. And I don’t know if it was because this dindu saw James or not, but he started screamin’ his head off about white people last night.

Peinovich: Oh nice.

Cantwell: Yeah I wasn’t able to hear much of what he was sayin’, but I’m tryin’ to be a good inmate because —

Peinovich: Yeah.

Cantwell: — I got a bond hearing comin’ up or whatever, right?

Peinovich: Yeah.

Cantwell: I hear this guy screamin’ about white people down the hall or whatever and the COs keep tellin’ him to shut up. And I wanted so badly to just go like, “If he wants somebody to talk about the finer points of American race relations, I’ll be his cellmate.”

Peinovich: Yeah, yeah, you wouldn’t really wanna do that though. But did you get — I assume that they’re keepin’ Fields completely isolated from everybody else too.

Cantwell: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely. You know, he — I suspect they moved him down the hall because of me even, right?

Peinovich: Yeah.

Cantwell: [Inaudible] recognized him. Yeah. When I came in here he was sick, he was like throwin’ up or somethin’ like that, and one of the COs said over the phone — over the radio — “Mr. Fields is throwin’ up” or whatever. I was like, “Is that our Saturday driver?” He’s like, “I can’t say.” And then one day he went to take a shower and he had to walk past my cell and I kinda, well let’s just say I tapped my shoulder real quick, right? And it wasn’t long after that that he got moved down the hall and I ain’t seen his face since.

Peinovich: Yeah. Wow.

Cantwell: Yeah. But, yeah, he looked — for what it’s worth — other than the fact he was throwin’ up the night I came in he looked alright.

Peinovich: Alright.

Cantwell: He is, apparently, a real person, for anybody who thought that this was —

Peinovich: Yeah.

Cantwell: — a bunch of crisis actors or something.

Peinovich: Yeah, yeah, people that thought that he didn’t really exist. Yeah, no, as long — I mean, he didn’t look like he had been abused or anything like that? He looked okay?

Cantwell: Yeah, no, he didn’t have a mark on him. So that’s —

Peinovich: Okay. That’s good.

Cantwell: That’s good news at least.