Headlines — 9/06/17

Tucker Carlson gives GAB a boost, Neo-Nazis pose a threat to the disabled community, how right-wing extremists target enemies online, and more.

The Intercept – How right-wing extremists stalk, dox, and harass their enemies.
Ars Technica
– Judge dismisses Shiva ‘I invented EMAIL’ Ayyadurai’s libel lawsuit against Techdirt.
Media Matters – Story about Houston mosque refusing to help non-Muslims is fake news.”
The Daily Dot – Social network favored by white supremacists gets a user boost from Fox News.
Raw Story – The ex-KKK priest and the subtle terrorism of the anti-abortion movement.
The Root – U.S. appeals court says racist Texas voter-ID laws can stand.
The Outline – Who’s afraid of BDS?
Salon – Pennsylvania man arrested after asking Sen. Pat Toomey a question about deportations.
The Cut – I lost my son to the alt-right movement.
Rewire – The growing Neo-Nazi public profile is of grave concern to disabled people.