Headlines — 9/02/17

The media continues to fearmonger over antifa, white nationalist website Stormfront goes down, the right-wing free speech brigade turns on Charlie Hebdo, and more.

The Outline – The media wants to sell you a lie about Antifa.
The Intercept – Charlie Hebdo may now be criticized because it mocked white Texans rather than Muslims.
Wired – Violent alt-right chats could be key to Charlottesville lawsuits.
ProPublica – When hate meets hoax.
Raw Story – Historian humiliates InfoWars editor who claimed George Orwell would have hated Antifa.
Salon – Stormfront, the internet’s oldest major racist website, has domain suspended.
The Daily Dot – Conspiracy theorists run wild after car pops out of woods near Trump’s motorcade.
Slate – The alt-right wants to build its own internet.
Quartz – The alt-right’s coordinated attacks on Google should disturb you.
Newsweek – Neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer tried to go online in Albania. It failed.
Rewire – How Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys brought hate into the mainstream.
BBC News – ‘Proud Boys’ back in Canada military after crashing indigenous ceremony.