Author Of ‘SJWs Always Lie’ Can’t Stop Lying About Antifa

SJWs Always Lie

Recently the incel Nazis at 4chan — known for troll campaigns like #NoEqualityNoShower, Operation O-KKK, and #WhitePeople — revealed their newest, idiotic scam. Taking their war on Antifa to its logical conclusion, the racist troll collective attempted to smear the group as supporters of domestic violence.

Trolls began stealing images of battered women and children and superimposing the red and black Antifa flag on them, along with captions like “53% of White Women Voted for Trump, 53% of White Women Should Look Like This.” And they included hashtags like #PunchANazi and #DomesticTolerance.

And even if the campaign hadn’t been spotted on 4chan and GAB almost immediately, I get the feeling that (once again) the only people dumb enough to believe it would be people already opposed to Antifa.

But in light of the violence against anti-racist and anti-fascist activists like Heather Heyer, whose death was cheered by Jason Kessler and Andrew Anglin, perhaps that’s not the point. Perhaps the point isn’t baiting Antifa but rather baiting unstable white supremacists into launching deadly assaults against them.

And that’s where alt-right author Theodore “Vox Day” Beale comes into the equation. Beale jumped on the campaign early, tweeting out a picture that read “It Isn’t Abuse If She’s a Racist,” and stating, “This is reprehensible and shows the true face of #AltLeft evil. They are anti-American and anti-woman”:

I retweeted his remark and asked Beale point blank whether he knew this was fake or if he was lying. He predictably ignored me and tweeted the following:

And he retweeted some alt-right accounts peddling the same propaganda:

Vox Day Lies 1

Vox Day Lies 6

Vox Day Lies 7

Vox Day Lies 8

But Beale knew those memes were fakes created by his fellow racist trolls. He acknowledged this when it was repeatedly pointed out to him. But he justified it because, in his words, they make good “rhetoric”:

Vox Day Lies 2

Vox Day Lies 3

Vox Day Lies 4

Vox Day Lies 5

Brilliant. There’s another word for this that might be a tad more appropriate than “rhetoric,” and that would be “lie.” Beale is pushing a falsehood and knows it’s false. Beale is a liar, which is ironic considering he authored the book SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police.

In addition to lying, Beale continues to insist that it doesn’t matter — that this is a “successful memetic campaign” that non-intellectuals just don’t understand. As he put it, “Remember, the most effective rhetoric communicates truth without necessarily being literally truthful in the details.” In other words, Beale appears to be doubling down on the original lie.

And by accusing “SJWs” of being liars — while simultaneously pushing a lie over and over — Beale appears to be guilty of projecting his flaws onto others. This is also evident when he accuses Antifa of abusing women while at the same time espousing vile misogyny and racism.

If I’m not mistaken, lying, doubling down, and projection are the three traits Beale accuses “SJWs” of in his book. Sorry, Ted, looks like you’re three for three.

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