Headlines — 8/20/17

Steve Bannon leaves the White House, Daily Stormer can’t seem to find a Web host, counterprotesters vastly outnumber right-wingers at Boston ‘free speech’ rally, and more.

Harper’s Magazine – The rise of the alt-right’s Valkyries.
The Washington Post
– Who are the antifa?
The Daily Dot – Father publicly disowns alt-right son after Charlottesville violence.
The Outline – Political correctness doesn’t kill people.
Jacobin – Burying the lie of the ‘alt-left.’
Media Matters – European ‘alt-right’ ship tries to stop refugee rescue missions, fails miserably.
The Intercept – Steve Bannon is gone, but his bigotry stays in the White House.
The Verge – Namecheap has taken down Neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer.
Broadly – Doxxing white supremacists is making them terrified.
NY Mag – Baked Alaska, Charlottesville, and the end of the ironic Nazi.
Hatewatch – The Daily Caller has a white nationalist problem.
The New Yorker – Tucker Carlson and Trump’s confused defenders.
The Root – This video shows how truly pathetic the Boston Nazi march was.