Christopher Cantwell Tearfully Says He Fears For His Safety As A White Man

White nationalist Christopher Cantwell has gotten widespread attention after last weekend’s disastrous “Unite the Right” rally that ended with three dead and close to 20 wounded. The alt-right shock jock from Keene, NH was featured prominently in a short documentary by Vice called Charlottesville: Race and Terror where he was recorded shouting “Jews will not replace us!”

Other clips that have been circulating on major news outlets include Cantwell telling Vice reporter Elle Reeve that “I don’t think you could feel the way I do about race, and watch that Kushner bastard walk around with that beautiful girl [Ivanka Trump],” and that Heather Heyer’s murder “was more than justified.”

But in a video Cantwell uploaded shortly after the event was shut down on Saturday, the Radical Agenda host looked distressed and considerably less tough, complaining that he feels persecuted while coming close to tears at several points.

“Today I was at the…festivities that are now plaguing your national news channels in Charlottesville, Virginia,” he began. “We came down here because I genuinely feel under attack, I feel I’m under attack as a racial group, and I’m afraid of what’s happening in America.”

Of the purpose of the “Unite the Right” rally, Cantwell claimed it was partly in protest of the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park. Removing Confederate monuments, he said, makes him feel as though people are “trying to erase the history of my nation and my people. And that, I feel, puts me — and everyone who looks like me — in a great deal of danger.”

Cantwell recalled how he set up a meeting for Radical Agenda listeners in a Walmart parking lot — the location of which he tried to keep secret. “But, somehow, they found out the location of our meeting because they have infiltrated our Discord group, they probably are behind the paywall of christophercantwell(dot)com,” he said.

And he accused these Antifa “enemies” of crashing his meeting and falsely telling police officers that Cantwell pulled a gun on them.

He claimed that he was “down here to be peaceful and law-abiding,” and complained that people were making too much of his hateful and threatening remarks. “On The Radical Agenda, it is an entertainment program, and we talk about things for the entertainment of the audience.”

You know, things like gassing Jews and executing Democrats and putting trans people in concentration camps. Entertainment!

“I mean, it’s a fuckin’ gag, people. Alright? I mean, I’m very upset about the things that are going on, but it’s an entertainment program. I don’t think that Donald Trump is going to deputize the right-wing death squads. I do not think that Augusto Pinochet is gonna loan me a helicopter to start chuckin’ fuckin’ Communists out of it. It’s a fucking entertainment program.”

Finally, Cantwell reacted to news that a warrant might be out for his arrest by practically breaking down in tears. “I wanna be peaceful, I wanna be law-abiding, okay, that was the whole entire point of this,” he sniffed. “And I’m watching CNN talk about this as violent white nationalist protests. We have done everything in our power to keep this peaceful.”

He went on to say that in spite of the fact that he and his fellow white supremacists “talk a lot of shit on the Internet,” they had “used every peaceful and lawful means by which to redress our grievances.”

“And our enemies just will not stop,” he whined. “We’ve been fuckin’ assaulted, they are threatening us all over the place. Chelsea Manning, this tranny fanatic, has a picture of himself — herself — talking about curb-stomping Nazis with a picture of his boot comin’ down on somebody!”

A word of advice, Chris: When you start talking about throwing liberals out of helicopters in the tradition of Augusto Pinochet, and putting trans people in concentration camps, and murdering Jews and black people, and how Dylann Roof’s victims were “animals,” people don’t exactly have sympathy for you.

And it’s not my job, or anyone else’s, to determine whether your genocidal ravings are a joke or not.

And, perhaps, folks wouldn’t be so quick to snicker at images of you getting maced (twice) if you didn’t make comments like, “I think chemical and biological weapons can do a great deal of good for mankind. Releasing nerve gas or some kind of lethal virus into a left wing protest could prepare the bodies for physical removal without making a big scene for the cameras or  destroying anything of value.”

Just a thought.