Alex Jones And Aleksandr Dugin Praise Vladimir Putin For Standing Against ‘Satanic’ ‘Globalists’

On a recent episode of InfoWars’ The Alex Jones Show, Russian political theorist and Putin adviser Aleksandr Dugin made an appearance to praise the Russian leader’s efforts at fighting what he called “oligarchs” and “globalists.

Dugin is the co-founder of Russia’s National Bolshevik Party (NBP), which combines “Russian ultra-nationalism and strains of fascism,” and has been nicknamed “Putin’s Rasputin” and “Putin’s Brain” for his perceived influence on the Russian President — though that influence is thought to be greatly exaggerated.

In 2014, Dugin claimed Russian forces should launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine and, in his words, “kill and kill and kill those responsible for the atrocities” in the country.

The “mad philosopher” is also popular among the alt-right. Richard Spencer has published Dugin’s writings on the website Alternative Right. And in 2015 Dugin recorded a speech called “To My American Friends in Our Common Struggle” was played at a conference hosted by Matt Heimbach.

And, like Jones, Dugin is a big supporter of Presidents Trump and Putin. Jones asked Dugin for his insight on “real mindset of Putin,” and praised Putin for “kicking a lot of the globalist oligarchs out” and “fighting against all the abortions” and the “destruction of the family.”

“First of all, Vladimir Putin has his own worldview that is not so much ideological,” Dugin replied. Instead, Putin “represents, more or less, [what the] Russian people think” and the “Russian soul.” Dugin went on to say that Putin views himself first and foremost as Russian, as opposed to viewing himself as a “globalist” or — cue the anti-Semitic dog-whistling — “cosmopolitan.”

“And that is exactly the same way Trump is,” Jones said enthusiastically, “So it’s a return to common sense, a return to cultural nationalist with a Christian base.” Dugin agreed and called this the “real similarity” between Trump and Putin. He even suggested that “Putin could be considered to be the Russian Trump, as well as Trump could be considered [an] American Putin.”

And, this being an Alex Jones program, we can’t get through a segment without bringing up the forces of Satan:

They have a sense of roots to the nation, to the culture. They’re not soulless globalists you notice never have children, are totally about destroying anything independent, anything family because they’re Satanic. Trump and Putin, you’re saying, are not Satanic.

Dugin answered in the affirmative because, “now to be normal, to be natural, that represent[s] a kind of challenge, that represent[s] a kind of heroic act, because globalists, they control mass media, global media, global economical corporation[s].”

Most sinister of all was Jones’ suggestion to Dugin that a “world government, transhumanist movement” is attempting to wage war on “men and women,” that the “deep state” is waging a war against President Trump and “planning a war with Russia.” And if Dugin has Putin’s ear the way he’d have us believe, the fact that he believes and parrots Jones’ paranoid talking points makes for a dangerous situation indeed.