Headlines — 8/11/17

White supremacists are heading to Charlottesville, anti-migrant activists get rescued at sea by refugee rescue ship, Alex Jones’ supplements are bogus, and more.

Salon – Here’s what’s actually in Alex Jones’ miracle supplements.
Business Insider – The ‘science’ in James Damore’s diversity ‘manifesto’ is based on a logical fallacy.
Media Matters – ‘Alt-right’ ship gets stranded at sea trying to keep migrants out of Europe, will be saved by refugee rescue ship.
Mic – Nursing textbook claims direct eye contact with African-Americans is ‘aggressive behavior.’
NY Mag – Nicole Mincey wasn’t a bot, but she wasn’t quite real either.
The Outline – Far-right protesters claim that Islamberg, New York is harboring extremists, but they’re the ones bringing the real terror.
The Intercept – The madman with nuclear weapons is Donald Trump, not Kim Jong-Un.
BuzzFeed News – Peter Thiel has been hedging his bet on Donald Trump.
Vice – White nationalists are about to descend on Virginia.