Alex Jones And Cohorts Claim A Coup d’état Is Underway Against Trump

Roger Stone

It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s presidency is in a nosedive. His administration’s agenda has ground to a halt due to legal battles and Republican infighting; anonymous individuals are incessantly leaking to the press; high-level staffers are routinely dismissed or shuffled around; and his approval ratings have reached historic lows.

On August 3, 2017, it was reported for the first time that special counsel Robert Mueller had impaneled a grand jury in Washington, D.C. as part of the ongoing Russia probe. That’s separate from the other grand jury that’s handling the Flynn case in Virginia.

And at pro-Trump propaganda arm InfoWars, conspiracy theorist and snake oil salesman Alex Jones was furious. Instead of admitting that the administration’s failures are largely a result of its own incompetence, Jones railed against the coup d’état he insists is being carried out by liberals, top military brass, and a shadowy “deep state.”

Assisting Jones in this rant were GOP hatchet man Roger Stone and talk radio jackass Anthony Cumia — both known for their histories of racism and misogyny. Cumia remarked that:

We are seeing how this machine really works. We thought there were two sides. We thought we had Democrats and Republicans. We thought we had a voice in an election when a regular guy got elected president. We saw how this machine comes to life. And it’s one unit. They’re all united in keeping the outsiders out of this machine. And when we see somebody like Donald Trump try to do things like secure our borders, make America safe, increase jobs and productivity, keep us a world leader — this is something that cannot happen. And we are seeing the curtain pulled aside and watching these people try to bring down a president.

Jones agreed, gushing that Trump is “for real” and a “lion under total attack” by “swamp dwellers that got into power because they kiss butt, not because they were a lion.” He warned that “Trump is Toto, the American people are Toto” — not that one — and are pulling back the curtain on shadowy forces trying to take Trump down.

Roger Stone spoke up next, and claimed that the “generals do not want the president to realize the weapons at his disposal.” He suggested President Trump use a “FISA court decision” in order to “cause the arrest and prosecution” of John O. Brennan, James Clapper, and other Obama-era officials. He also falsely claimed that Trump’s “popularity among the people is at an all-time high.”

It was at this point that the news broke of the D.C. grand jury, and Anthony Cumia launched into a monologue about the “coup” against President Trump. “Like I said, I never dreamt I would be around when we see people moving against the president,” he whined.

“There is absolutely a coup in the midst of taking place right now. Not everyone’s involved that considers themselves liberal, Democrat, the Left, progressive — whatever you wanna call it. But they actually believe that regardless of what it takes to remove Donald Trump, that he’s so evil and so detrimental to this country, that it would still be a good thing regardless of how he’s removed. Not realizing it spells the absolute end of America as we know it.”

He also yelled that he and the rest of the American people are “financing them” and have to “pump our hard-earned money and actually pay people to abuse us.” “What kind of a sick cuckolding is it that you don’t get angry at that?” he asked.

Alex Jones then cut him off with a typically unhinged rant:

And finally a guy shows up that wants to bet on humanity, and ride that wave. He’ll be on top of that wave, that’s a leader. And they’re trying to stop him but just the idea of it puts four trillion in the stock market, four hundred billion new jobs, and the economy rushes back for a minute — like gasping for air — and they’re all pissed and howling ’cause they don’t like us being successful. They wanna be the little, grimy worms that look at us all poor down below them. They wanna bring feudalism back. Well I tell them this — get the delay ready — fuck you! I’m sick of your fuckin’ bullshit! I am. Get out of my way. Get out of the way.

Yes, it’s textbook Alex Jones drivel — angry, ill-informed, and riddled with misstatements.