Headlines — 8/01/17

Racists tell a group of Native Americans to move to Mexico, the White House might have had a hand in pushing the Seth Rich hoax, Unite the Right rally tests the boundaries of the First Amendment, and more.

Wonkette – Stupidest White House correspondent on the Internet tells Native Americans to go back to Mexico.
NPR – Behind Fox News’ baseless Seth Rich story.
Media Matters – Pro-Trump trolls silent after ‘alt-right’ ship detained in Mediterranean for apparent human trafficking.
Forward – ‘Alt-right’ activist abandons hatred after meeting Jewish protester.
Think Progress – Sheriff Joe Arpaio found guilty of criminal contempt for ignoring order to stop racial profiling.
Vox – Trump tells cops they should rough people up more during arrests.
NY Mag – Trump has finally erased the line between conservatism and conspiracy theories.
The Daily Progress – Unite the Right rally sparks First Amendment questions.
Reveal News – Where in the world is Andrew Anglin, America’s leading Neo-Nazi troll?
Death and Taxes – The Ku Klux Klan is growing again.