White Nationalist Tim Gionet Gets Banned From GoFundMe

Baked Alaska GoFundMe

Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet is gearing up to speak at the white power “Unite the Right” rally on August 12th. In the meantime the failed rapper — whose “hits” have included “Bull Moose Trappin'” and “We Love Our Cops” — is begging his fans for donations to fly him from Los Angeles to Charlottesville.

And yesterday Gionet had a GoFundMe campaign to accomplish that goal, at least until the crowdfunding platform’s administrators caught wind of it, that is.

In a tweet posted at 10:40 am PT, Gionet announced that GoFundMe “has removed my fundraiser from their site and permanently banned me with no reason given.” He admonished his followers against supporting “this left wing garbage site”:

Fellow white nationalist Tara McCarthy complained that alt-lite figure Brittany Pettibone was also banned from GoFundMe. Gionet called it “insane” and whined that he “literally did nothing wrong”:

Gionet continued to cry about GoFundMe over the span of several hours, accusing the site of anti-Trump bias and discrimination:

Of course GoFundMe never banned Gionet because he’s some ordinary Trump supporter or conservative. GoFundMe obviously didn’t want their platform being used to fly Gionet — a man who’s one mullet hair away from Neo-Nazism — to a white supremacist gathering in Virginia. As if to prove this point, Gionet’s racist fans immediately mobilized:

And several aimed their racist, anti-Semitic vitriol at GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon. Cue repeated use of the triple parentheses and the word “cuck”:

Unfortunately for Mr. Gionet — and in spite of all the bile he and his followers have directed at Mr. Solomon and his company — he’s going to have to find a more hospitable platform to beg for money.