Headlines — 7/28/17

LGBT for Trump.jpeg

President Trump announces a ban on transgender soldiers, Jeff Sessions gives up on defending gay employees, the GOP abandons conservatism in favor of annoying liberals, and more.

The New Yorker – The cruelty and cynicism of Trump’s transgender ban.
NY Mag – Jeff Sessions takes a stand against protecting gay workers.
The Root – White woman who lied about being kidnapped, raped by three black men indicted on felony charges.
Media Matters – Right wing media and hate groups applaud Trump for banning transgender people from serving in the U.S. armed forces.
BuzzFeed News
– The GOP is about annoying liberals, not conservatism.
Raw Story – Unhinged white woman threatens to ‘kill every one of you’ Somalis in racist Walmart rant.
The Outline – When the victim of a police shooting is white.
Imagine 2050 – Anti-Muslim group ACT to declare ‘America First’ in new wave of protests.