Headlines — 7/23/17


How William Regnery II bankrolled the alt-right, conspiracy theorists accuse Lady Gaga of murder, pro-Trump trolls bristle at being called out by the ADL, and more.

BuzzFeed News – Meet William Regnery II, the moneyman behind the alt-right.
Media Matters – Pro-Trump internet personalities throw tantrums after ADL identifies their hateful rhetoric.
Raw Story – Only 30 people show up to Trump supporters’ anti-‘fake news’ protest outside CNN headquarters.
Wonkette – Attorney declares blonde white woman ‘most innocent’ victim of a police shooting ever.
The Forward – Steve Bannon avoids the spotlight to save White House job.
The Outline – Why is Lady Gaga being accused of murder?
Snopes – No, Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell weren’t murdered to cover up a pedophile ring.
New Republic – We’re on the brink of an authoritarian crisis.
New York Times Magazine – Peter Duke is the Annie Leibovitz of the alt-right.
Seattle Weekly – Seattle’s music scene comes together to block white nationalist bands.