Flanked By Warlocks Motorcycle Gang Members, Jason Kessler Gives Interview On Upcoming White Power Rally

Kessler Warlocks

After being fired from The Daily Caller for his white nationalist activism, Jason Kessler has devoted his time to spearheading the upcoming “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA. The speaker lineup is a who’s who of alt-right and Neo-Confederate leaders, including Richard Spencer, Mike Peinovich, and Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet.

On July 11, 2017, Kessler gave a press conference regarding the August 12th meetup, and told a handful of reporters that “The reason that I decided to organize this event is precisely because of hyperbolic and violent rhetoric, not only from the media but members of SURJ [Showing Up for Racial Justice], Antifa, and Black Lives Matter.”

Kessler remarked that it would be unjust to remove Confederate statues, and complained that,

We’ve got epidemic levels of depression and suicide. We’re being replaced as a population in the United States and Europe. These are the only places where we’re allowed to exist. Now, nothing against any other group of people — against Muslims, against blacks, whomever — but, they have entire continents in which they can inhabit. And they have places where their culture and their bloodlines are secure. In the United States, we are being replaced, by places like [the] University of Virginia where they have a United Nations policy where indigenous people — I’m talking about people who’ve lived here for generations and who are the descendants of the people who founded this country, who are European Americans — are being replaced by foreigners.

Yes, it seems as though Jason Kessler believes black and brown people have “entire continents” to themselves, which means white people should be entitled to a majority-white continent of their own — not including Europe, apparently.

Aside from his stream of racist complaints, Kessler’s press conference is notable for its unusual security detail. The bearded, leather jacket-clad men that stood behind Kessler are actually members of the Warlocks MC, a violent outlaw motorcycle gang.

The Warlocks name is actually shared by two competing motorcycle gangs, one from Pennsylvania and one from Florida. Close-ups of the bikers’ jackets reveals that they are, in fact, members of the Florida gang, which uses a red and gold phoenix as its symbol and the abbreviation WFFW, which stands for its motto “Warlocks Forever, Forever Warlocks.”

Warlocks MC Florida

In 1991, 12 members of the Warlocks MC — including former national president John “Spike” Ingrao — were indicted by a federal grand jury in Orlando, FL on drug, explosives, and weapons violations. That November Ingrao was sentenced to 9 years in federal prison for attempting to sell 525 lbs of marijuana, transferring 21 machine guns, and selling 84 homemade bombs to undercover ATF agents.

Ingrao had also told ATF agents about the Warlocks MC “wrecking crew,” an elite group of members whose job was, as he put it, “taking care of business.” In the words of one federal agent, this meant killing rival gang members by “using explosives and also using Colombian hit men.”

In 2011 Warlocks member James Madison Bedsole was sentenced to life in prison for the 2009 murder of a man who accidentally knocked over a motorcycle outside of a central Florida bar. And in 2014, a Warlock named Victor Amaro was found guilty on two counts of second degree murder in connection with a deadly shootout at a Winter Springs VFW.

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