Headlines — 7/17/17

Fox News host gets trolled by an alt-right activist, racist Proud Boys will target Muslims in upstate New York, racist fliers are spotted near University of Minnesota campus, and more.

Salon – Fox News host Jesse Watters gets trolled by fake Antifa activist.
Media Matters – Pro-Trump troll says he’s doing ‘performance art’ as Gateway Pundit’s White House correspondent.
Think Progress – The State Department loosens Muslim ban so it doesn’t apply to grandparents.
Raw Story – Mississippi valedictorian denied solo honor deluged with racist attacks.
The Daily Beast – Trump-supporting bigots to target upstate New York Muslims.
AlterNet – Trump is ushering in a dark new conservatism.
BuzzFeed News – We found 81 incidents of Trump-inspired bullying that happened last school year.
Post-Bulletin – White nationalist fliers found in Rochester, near U of M.